Attention newcomers! #openstack-101 is now open at Freenode

With the experience acquired after two months of contributing to OpenStack and inspired by the success of GNOME Love, Anita (anteaya), Lau (ladquin) and I decided to create a place from which guide and support new contributors through the learning process required to make their first contributions.

After a quick vote – we wanted to start quickly with this idea! – we called this initiative OpenStack 101.


#openstack-101 is a new channel at Freenode network – irc.freenode.org – designed to give support to those who want to get involved with the OpenStack community and do not know how or where to start.

In this channel you will find many contributors with great experience – and us :P – willing to lend you a hand in your first steps, from the election of a project to work on, to the deployment of the development environment.

You will also be able to learn about the tools we use, such as Git, Gerrit, Launchpad, and IRC, and clear your doubts about the underlying code that brings OpenStack up.

Right now we also have the luck of counting on the presence of Upstream University folks and soon we will be organizing several events that may be of your interest.

  • Upstream University at the OpenStack Summit 2013: Upstream University is organizing an special session for free to help you improve your OpenStack contribution skills. It’s going to take place in Portland, a few days after the OpenStack Summit. You can read more about this in Upstream University website and in our friend Loïc (dachary) personal blog.
Upstream University - Agile methods

They have Legos! :D

  • OpenStack IamA at #openstack-101: IamA next to confirm.

Do not know how to use IRC?

Don’t you worry about that, it’s easy! You can get a cool multiplatform IRC client, like XChat, type in irc.freenode.org and then just /j #openstack-101, or you can use the webchat.

Need more directions? Contact me and let me know :)

Special thanks

Before closing this post, I wanted to give special thanks to our mentors: Julie (jpich), Anne (annegentle) and Iccha (iccha). Without them we wouldn’t be capable to carry out ideas like this. Thanks for always being there!

Looking forward to seeing you around ;)

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