OpenStack Summit 2013

OpenStack Summit 2013, here I go!

After a few weeks of anxious waiting I have the great happiness to confirm my presence in the OpenStack Summit 2013, event that will be held in Portland, Oregon from 15 to 18 of April this year \o/

The truth is that I’m really excited to meet – finally – the whole OpenStack community and participate in all the interesting talks and sessions already scheduled.

I also want you to know that I’ll be participating in two presentations, one related to #openstack-101 and another about my experience as OpenStack intern.

Design Summit 101

“Is this your first OpenStack summit? Unlike most conferences, you are invited to participate and play an active role. But… where to start? The rationale and the organization that allows such a unique collaborative design will be explained. This is your chance to get answers and get the best of it!”

During this session we will let the attendants know some details about the summit, including who will be attending, different tracks and purposes, which sessions/talks are the most suitable for beginners and how they can participate.

This short introduction will be followed by a a lively presentation of the most common situations and how to behave when facing them. It will be a miniature experience of a first participation to the summit.

What Everyone Ought to Know about OpenStack Internships

Charles Babbage’s Difference Engine amazed Ada Lovelace with its unprecedented engineering feats just like OpenStack amazes people today. We have some stories to share about learning, exploring new territory and making new connections.

This talk will explore the impact of internship programs in FOSS organizations and each of the interns will tell their experiences in OpenStack.

If you are an organization looking to hire OpenStack interns, or a potential intern seeking an internship, this session is for you.

More information

You can check the summit schedule in OpenStack Summit April 2013 Sched/.

I take this space to thank the OpenStack Foundation to make this event and my present there possible. This lines aren’t enough to show all my enthusiasm and gratefulness, really. Thanks!

Julin, Lau, Anita, Iccha, Anne… I just can’t wait to meet you! >.<

If you see me around… don’t forget to say hi!

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